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A known professionally as “Myrtle Beach Medium”,  was born with powerful psychic skills. She has the ability to connect with “the other side” using all her senses (feeling, hearing, touch, seeing, and tasting). Kathy assists people in reconnecting with loved ones who have moved back to their spirit form. She also celebrates the ability to see the blueprint of a person’s soul. This gift enables her to reorient people towards their innate mission and purpose in life. More a soul coach than simply a channel, Kathy brings all her abilities forward to assist the current life path of those she interacts with, guiding them towards new potentialities and possibilities along the way.
The seventh of nine children, Kathy believes her psychic abilities served as a “survival tool” while living in a chaotic, abusive, alcoholic home. She was raised in a strict Roman Catholic household, but with a mother who had psychic gifts of her own. When Kathy was young, using her skills to help others was easy. It wasn’t until middle school when she really began to”pull back” because the feeling of being “different” wasn’t a comfortable one.
Kathy learned to quietly weave her psychic abilities into her personal and professional life, using them to successfully parent her two children, and to excel in helping companies manage their employees.  It wasn’t until she began working at a holistic health center that she began to unleash more of her gifts in the pursuit of helping others and assisting them in their health conditions. In 2018, she opened her own business as an intuitive life coach and medium. To her delight, she’s helped people find more meaning and purpose in life, enabling them to step forward with more confidence on their soul’s path. Kathy’s communication style is described as humble, non-judgemental, down to earth, honest, straightforward and direct. Many clients describe her readings as a unique experience, different in content and style than other channeled readings, blending practical wisdom with interdimensional counsel. Kathy’s abilities continue to evolve as she does her own healing work. She recently began psychically connecting with people who are still “alive in their earth suit”.  She can also communicate with non-verbal beings (pets and people). Her sessions often include communication with spirit guides, spirit animals, and ascended masters. Kathy is a Certified Life Coach, Mediation Practitioner and Reiki Master. If you are interested in an individual or group session, please reach out to Kathy Hawn at 843-655-6286 MyrtleBeachMedium.Com